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Filling station TIP – trading with fuels

Filling station Tip Ltd. is based in the town of Vidin. Our main activity is related to fuels trading – wholesale and retail. Our fuels are supplied mainly by OMV Bulgaria. We also offer AdBlue Noxy from Auto Trade Chemicals Ltd. The location of our company, and its close proximity to our neighbors Romania and Serbia, is favorable for good and valuable service of customers from the international transport business.

Filling station Tip Ltd. in Vidin works non-stop and provides quality service to its clients. Here you will find ecologically clean fuels with the highest quality – for optimum performance of your car. Our company complies strictly with all sanitary requirements, administration and technical standards and rules.

All year round our team adds the fuel additive RUBIN DIESEL to our petrol. This additive is used for cleaning and removing of coke deposits and cleaning of valves. Besides that, it provides more power, lower fuel consumption and optimizes the performance of the engine. In diesel, Tip Ltd. adds a special winter additive for better engine performance in winter conditions.

Besides quality fuel, in Tip Ltd. you will find a wide range of services – cafeteria, snacks and drinks, and others. For the convenience of our customers we offer the opportunity to pay through a POS terminal.

Our company is extremely flexible not only in our relations with customers, but also in our business partnerships.

That is why in filling station Tip Ltd. we offer:


Free logistics support

Free logistics support for our international partners in the transportation business, which are based in Bulgaria;

An opportunity for fuel supply to the buyer’s base

We can negotiate various discounts on fuel’s price, depending on deadlines and payment methods;

Affordable prices

 Ever since its establishment up to the present, the company has been offering affordable prices to its clients from all consumer groups;


High quality fuels

And various discounts for regular customers.