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For maximum safety on the road – TIP filling stations!



Filling Stations TIP Ltd. offers high-quality petrol for cars and trucks.


“Tip” Ltd. petrol stations offers diesel, which is resistant to low temperatures, does not crystallize and clog the fuel system.

Gas (LPG)

“Tip” Ltd. petrol stations offers charging liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for cars with gas installations.

Find the closest TIP filling station

Filling station TIP - 1

  • Shiroka Str. №100 , Vidin
  • GPS N 43.99777 E 22.86400
  • Tel. 094 600 125; 0875 161 261

Filling station TIP - 2

  • SPZ, the road to Ferry №1 , Vidin
  • GPS N 44.010050 E 22.89600
  • Tel. 0895 523 992

Filling station TIP - 3

  • Bul. Panonia №120, Vidin
  • GPS N 44.007424 E 22.885409
  • Tel. 0895 523 990 (filling station)
  • Tel. 0895 523 991 (motel and restaurant)

Fuel Trading

Logistics and inter-mediation

Tip” Ltd. petrol stations offers logistics and brokerage services to clients with which it has long-term business relationships


Welcome to our new filling station!

Welcome to our 3rd filling station in Vidin, Panionia 120 Blvd. You can fill your car with quality fuel from our gas station, relax in a pleasant environment after a long trip in our motel, or just enjoy the amazing temptations offered in our restaurant!


Rubin Diesel fuel additive in filling station TIP

TIP LTD has performed one-month tests with diesel oil, enriched with the fuel additive Rubin Diesel. The results are very good, and that is why filling station TIP will continue to offer Rubin Diesel, which is supplied by Ventim Ltd. In that way, the company will...

On a road trip with your car in summer – tips from TIP LTD

On a road trip with your car - check out our tips for summer When driving your car in hot summer days, you must pay a special attention to your vehicle and prepare it for long road trips. Summer is coming, which means that its the time for vacations, road trips and...

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