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On a road trip with your car – check out our tips for summer

When driving your car in hot summer days, you must pay a special attention to your vehicle and prepare it for long road trips.

Summer is coming, which means that its the time for vacations, road trips and journeys to new places. People often choose the convenience of traveling with their own cars.

That’s why you need to know some useful and simple tricks that will save you problems with your car, which can ruin your vacation:

  • Fill your summer car tires with nitrogen, in order to eliminate temperature differences that occur as a result of the high temperature of the asphalt and air. Check for small cracks, which suggest that the tire should be replaced.
  • Make sure you check the brakes of the car – if you feel softer or firmer brake pedal, blinking warning lights on the dashboard, reduced brake fluid, wheel grinding noise when you press the middle pedal – visit a service station before you leave.
  • You can easily check whether the air conditioning system of your car has a problem, even without visiting a service station. You only need a thermometer to check the outside temperature – if the air conditioner cannot maintain a temperature of -10 ° C lower than the temperature of air, it probably has a problem.
  • Check the level of antifreeze, in order to save the engine from overheating.
  • Check if your vehicle’s windshield wipers are in good working order because summer storms can significantly slow you down if the heavy rain doesn’t allow you to drive the car.
  • Check if your air filter is not too old, because the difference in the fuel economy of the car with old and new air filter can reach a variation of 10 %.

Filling station TIP LTD, Vidin advises all drivers who go on a road trips with their car in the summer (and in every season) to drive responsibly and wishes them a summer, filled with adventures and positive emotions!