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TIP LTD has performed one-month tests with diesel oil, enriched with the fuel additive Rubin Diesel. The results are very good, and that is why filling station TIP will continue to offer Rubin Diesel, which is supplied by Ventim Ltd. In that way, the company will ensure even greater satisfaction of customers who use Euro-Diesel throughout the whole year. The fuel additive improves the characteristics of diesel fuel and helps the absorption of water and paraffins at reduced detonation processes.

When refueling his car with Euro-Diesel, enriched with Rubin Diesel, the client receives everything he need for the fuel system of his vehicle.

Fuel additive Rubin Diesel – advantages

The Rubin Diesel fuel additive, which you can find at the filling station of TIP, has the following advantages:

  • Increases the Energy Conversion Efficiency (ECE) and the power of the engine, which helps the complete combustion of the fuel.
  • Rubin Disel reduces the fuel consumption by 5-10%, depending on the engine load.
  • Supports the resource of supercharger fuel pumps.