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Tip Ltd. Supports FC Ratsiaria Archar, which is ranked first in the “A” RFG (men) for season 2013 – 2014.

The team revived the football tradition in the village of Archar after an eight-year break, and fights for the first place in the ranking. So far it has convincing results.

The football players have many difficulties on their way to the top of A group in Vidin, but this only increases their desire to win on the green football field. They are not professionals, which is the reason why they were ranked last in their first year. The progress, which they have accomplished this season is impressive, due to the efforts of the team and its coach – Anatoli Milkov.

They are young boys, so the team expects multiple perspectives, including the formation of a youth team.

FC Ratsiaria Archar is proud of the fact that it is the only team in the region of Vidin, which includes only local players.

FC Ratsiaria Archar relies on the municipality of Dimovo, the mayoralty of Archar and sponsors, that help them build their base, buy the necessary equipment and form as a football team worthy of being a leader of the A RFG Vidin.

TIP Ltd. is proud of the football team of Ratsiaria Archar whose success brings good news for the revival of football not only in the village of Vidin, but in Bulgaria.