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The repair of Shiroka Street in Vidin, in the section from the filling station to the overpass towards Bregovo (including the junctions around the station) is provided by Tip Ltd., with the exclusive support of the Municipality of Vidin.

Tip Ltd. is not just taking care of its clients’ convenience, but it also works towards the improvement of standards – in business and in the town in which it operates, and of course – in its country.

The filling station is located at a strategic place – on the border with Romania, where passes the traffic of vehicles, whose drivers travel from and to Western Europe – both cars and tourist buses, as well as TIR trucks.

Shiroka Street, where it is located filling station Tip Ltd., leads to the ring road of Vidin, and if you follow the main road E79 you will reach the Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat. That is why Tip Ltd. is concerned about vehicle drivers who pass this way.

The repairs were carried out in the area, which condition was more serious, and its urbanization – the most urgent.

Today, filling station Tip Ltd. welcomes its new and regular clients in a calmer driving environment and offers them to refuel with high quality fuels, and other services.